SuperProfDocs at the 5th International Conference of Professional Doctorates, 15th and 16th March 2016 Belfast

In 2014 a consortium of HEIs providing modern doctorates from the EU and USA, and the association of European doctoral candidates (EURODOC), was awarded an Erasmus + grant to explore best practice in the supervision of modern doctorates. Their aim is to then codify it within a framework supported by appropriate resources for European universities and companies to leverage the innovation and new knowledge these degrees can produce.

The consortium would like to invite you to contribute to the work further. Specifically we will use a World Café approach within this workshop to explore some of the main themes emerging from our working groups. There will be an opportunity to explore the most interesting outputs so far and dialogue with others of your own experience and aspirations for the doctorate. We will use Twitter to enhance our data collection and this session will be facilitated so no prior experience of this working format will be needed and the outcomes will be feed back to the working groups for inclusion in their final results.


Annette Fillery-Travis

Multi-disciplinary Practice Based Doctorates: An Appreciative Inquiry in Design, Development, and Delivery in the European Union and US

In: 2nd International Conference on Developments in Doctoral Education and Training March 2015 Oxford


Annette Fillery-Travis,  Supervising the Modern Doctorate In: 4th International Conference on Professional Doctorates Florida March, 2015