This is the website of the Erasmus+ funded project SUPERPROFdoc looking at best practice in the supervision of modern practice based doctorates.

Doctoral degrees are no longer simply a training ground for the next generation of academics. Different forms have evolved to encompass multi-and trans-disciplinary study by practitioners within their work context (Lester, 2004). The designation has also changed to include terms such as professional, industrial or practice-based PhDs or Doctorates (Fillery-Travis, 2012).-the modern doctorates.

A significant number of the 745K doctoral students in Europe (Eurostat, 2011) are undertaking these modern doctorates (e.g.16% of all German doctorates). These degrees fulfil a variety of purposes, ranging from knowledge exchange between industry and academia, the development of higher levels of professional practice and individualised development programmes for practitioners of advanced standing. A significant driver in the growth of modern doctorates is their contribution to training individuals who are ‘creative, critical and autonomous intellectual risk-takers capable of contributing to all sectors where deep rigorous analysis is required.’ (ERA 2010).

We have researched best practice in supervision of these doctorates through the Erasmas + funded project Superprofdoc and we are delighted to be offering supervisors (novice or advanced) these resources to enhance their practice and achieved the very best for their candidates in modern doctorates.

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